Dimitra Ioannou

Dimitra Ioannou experiments with narrative or anti-narrative forms in various media (language, photography, publications). She is the editor of the poetry and art journal A) GLIMPSE) OF), and author of the experimental novella Soy Sea (Futura, Athens).
Her chapbook of poems, and poems essays Electric Sarcasm is forthcoming by Ugly Duckling Presse (UDP) in December 2020. Her radio-play How Poems-Cities (a long poem in Greek for two voices) was specially commissioned by the Onassis Cultural Centre (2018) for the Radio_OCC series. She writes poetry in English. She had poems published in Splinter, MAI: Feminism & Visual Culture, Hotel, ZARF, DATABLEED, Tears in the Fence, Litmus, Blackbox Manifold.
She has exhibited her (video)poems, and photos in solo, or group shows in Greece, and translated from English into Greek contemporary poets. She occasionally runs the experimental writing workshops “the text lab,” and gives talks on contemporary radical, feminist, and somatic poetics. She is based in Athens.


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Soy Sea, a sound novella | #ExperimentalProse, #ExperimentalWriting, experimental autobiography | #Takako

“The narrative or anti-narrative of Soya Sea seems to travel down auditory corridors as much as it does the roadways along which the character treks. It’s haunting and gives me a feeling of “lightness,” like floating, being suspended — it’s actually quite the feeling I often get in places like airports, waiting rooms, highway rest stops, and ‘non-places’ generally.” – Edmond Caldwell (1961-2017).


“The camera is fit to be used expressively by poets. The camera can create a lovely poem even from trifling objects,” – Kitasono Katue, A Note on Plastic Poetry (1966), (I crossed out the words).

35mm | #filmphotography | Minolta7000 | LeicaMP | #analogphotography

Photo narratives: Motel Galini, micro-landscapes and distances. Don’t be Afraid of the White. The Colors Will Guide you Till the End, on Alzheimer’s disease, the terminal environment and the terminal body. The Magnetic series, a visual diary.


I curate A) GLIMPSE) OF), an independent journal which brings together works by contemporary writers and artists in order to generate new narratives for the now.

A) GLIMPSE) OF) operates with #NarrativesInProgress, and themed issues. Twice a year it metamorphoses into a paper magazine.

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