Athens as a theme park


Dimitra Ioannou

Despite the deterioration of public services and a general state of anxiety & malaise, Athens will co-host Documenta 14. Do I have to cheer up?

Do I have to feel grateful? Do I have to be in central Athens and feel the ‘festive atmosphere’ of the opening event?

Do I have to take my greek flag & follow the ‘horseback parade recreating Parthenon frieze scenes?’


Do I have to follow the 100-day horseback journey from Athens to Kassel, and feel european again?

Do I have to pay 5 euros & kiss the hands (or cheeks or lips) of the Documentarists at the inauguration party?

Do I have to photograph the 6.500 visitors expected in Athens during the openings so as to remember for ever these times of glory?

Who profits from that glory?

Can I profit too?

Can I be appointed director of the Athens Museum of Sun?

Can I apply for funding to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Can I sell my sunny artefacts to the 6.500 expected visitors at very low prizes because cheap sun is the best?

Can I give a press conference with all my partners and members of the Athens Municipality gathered around a table turning our backs to the journalists?


Can I ignore the negative feedback and smile to the cameras and dress as a dandy and eat as a sparrow and dance as a wild animal?

Can I change role now?

Can I be a writer again?

Can I talk about my debts?


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