MAY 20/21, 2019

I won’t appropriate that title no matter how wonderful it is. On her digital notebook, the poet who writes of wonders suggests we should contact her agent for writerly things.

Writing, as commission, becomes request.

I’ve written down, typed, cut and pasted so many times the title “Realities and the Rituals of the Upside Down” that I turned it, without realising it, into a mantra. This mantra, often refers to rituals I haven’t done yet, to the upside-down, the reverse, realities that are emerging one by one from a line. They demand to be recognized in human form. Flaura and fauna demand other kind of codes. I drool over plants.

May 20, 2019: “What, precisely, is your procedure?”

What, precisely, is my procedure?

Chimeric wealth and chimeric flight.

Ninety years later I defend her writing:

What effect has poverty on the mind?
What effect has wealth on the mind?
What effect has poverty on fiction?

The procedure lies in instability and the unknown.

I am that suspicious logging, and the company that wants to secure my account from any suspicious logging
forces me to return to my place in order to be recognised.

In the 13the century, Eufemie bears a girl, and decides with her husband to raise him as a boy, so that he will be able to inherit them. They call him Silence. In a gender split, Scilensci-us will be prefer later to live as Scilenci-a.

One windy day I dreamt of women’s heads that were detached from their trunks in order to take the names of streets.

May 18, 2019 | slogan:

Dreams of Scilensci-us (aka as Malduit) who walked away with minstrels to find generic tools, topic bubbles, the counter-genealogy of words.

The procedure is historical, and what we mean by Experimental Writing is also activism, and tattoo, and/or Jenny Holzer’s piece that inscribes tales of human cruelty.

‘Lustmord’ is a german word that describes a sexual murder, often connected with rape. Jenny Holzer’s piece Lustmord (1993-94) was created in response to war crimes that took place in Bosnia.

I’ve written down, typed, cut and pasted so many times the titles “A Thing Like You and Me” and “Feministic” to the point I can no longer distinguish the indifference for all feminist things from an anaesthetic. Anaesthetic is also what says: “I’ll give you nothing.”

A procedure based on property and privilege.

Request, as invocation, becomes slogan.

Virginia Woolf, A room of one’s own.
Le Roman de Silence, 13th century novel.
Caroline Bergvall’s talk “What Do We Mean by Performance Writing?” (1996).
A Thing Like You and Me

Published by Dimitra Ioannou

Dimitra Ioannou is a poet, photographer, and the editor of the journal A) GLIMPSE) OF). She is based in Athens.

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