CAConrad @CAConrad88 · Mar 29, 2020
In the early years of AIDS, one thing I cooked A LOT OF for sick friends was shitake mushrooms because they act like a SUPER Interferon Inducer, as a result boosting our anti-viral resistance! One per person per meal was the macrobiotic rule I learned for proper dosage!

Shiitake: a dark Asian mushroom (Lentinus edodes of the family Agaricaceae) widely cultivated especially on woods of the beech family for its edible flavorful tan to brown cap

  • 1877: borrowed from Japanese 椎茸 (しいたけ, shītake), from 椎 (しい, shī, “shii tree”) + 茸 (たけ, take, “mushroom”).
  • Japanese, from shii, the Japanese chinquapin (ειδος μικρής καστανιάς) + take mushroom
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