CAConrad @CAConrad88 · Mar 29, 2020In the early years of AIDS, one thing I cooked A LOT OF for sick friends was shitake mushrooms because they act like a SUPER Interferon Inducer, as a result boosting our anti-viral resistance! One per person per meal was the macrobiotic rule I learned for proper dosage! Shiitake: aContinue reading “I’LL TAKE WHAT I CAN GET”

(because the present is not articulate)

Από τη φωτογραφική αφήγηση «Υφές της Αθηναϊκής Ζώνης».From the photo narrative “The textures of the Athenian Zone”. Ο τίτλος προέρχεται από το βιβλίο της Lisa Robertson «Magenta Soul Whip» (2009).The title is from Lisa Robertson’s book Magenta Soul Whip, 2009.