• December 2020 | The poem Tree Memory was published in the edition All Day, All Night (Onassis Foundation). It was edited by Laure Jaffuel. “Dealing with the subject of the public space in Athens, the book is the outcome of a research during The Critical Practices Program at Onassis AiR, in Spring 2020. While the research period overlapped with the strange times of the global pandemic and the lockdown in Greece, the notion of public space became even more urgent to address.”

• December 5/6, 2020 | I took part in the Aphrodite* queer-feminist film festival which was hosted online by the Greek Film Archive (Tainiothiki). In the video-poem “Hack All Genders,” I explore ‘queer mystique’ in advertising, inspired by the model and actress Jenny Shimizu, and also the concept of the fairy – ‘the gender of verbal transgression’ –. The modern fairies subvert language and gender while at the same time exposing the History that exposes them. This is a visually updated version than the one that was published in Mai Journal.

• December 2020 | “Electric Sarcasm,” my debut chapbook of poems, and poems essays in English, is published by Ugly Duckling Presse (UDP). You may read Vahni Capildeo’s and Sandra Simond’s endorsements and a short excerpt in the following link:

Electric Sarcasm

• October 2019 | The poem Capital is Tantalized Again is published in the Ecopoetics issue of Stand magazine (Volume 17) which is edited by Vahni Capildeo.

• April-May 2019 | The poem My Doppelgänger was commissioned for the catalogue accompanying the exhibition Voyage Around My Room curated by Kika Kyriakakou in Athens Municipality Center.

The New Nothing, Untitled, Untitled, La Promesse are published in SPLINTER ISSUE NO. 5: FEBRUARY 2019, a poetry magazine edited by Gizem Okulu and David Grundy. You may purchase your copy here:

• Dimitra Ioannou’s radio-play How Poems-Cities was specially commissioned by the Onassis Cultural Centre (2018) for the Radio_OCC series. Music written by Stratos Bichakis.

• The video poem Hack All Genders is published on the second issue of MAI: Feminism & Visual Culture (November 2018).

• The poem Centuries Are Far From Definitive Texts is published on DATABLEED 10 (September 2018).

• The poem The New Grotesque is published in Hotel archive (March 2018).

• The poem Untitled is published in ZARF 11, which is edited by Callie Gardner (March 2018).


• D.I. recorded the poems Untitled & Centuries Are Far From Definitive Texts for All: Collected Voices – June, 15 2017, Athens. The project aims to cultivate, to preserve, to transmit the polyphony of responses to the exhibitions and events transpiring in Athens over the spring and summer of 2017. Produced by the Goethe-Institut Athen as part of ‘apropos documenta’, in collaboration with Radio Athènes. Curated by Helena Papadopoulos and Thomas Boutoux.

• The poem I Would Love to Be Able to Persuade You is published in DATABLEED 7, (May 2017).

• The poem Turn Me Into A Country Tonight is published in a special edition by the artist Sofia Stevi on the occasion of her solo show at The Breeder gallery in Athens (19 Jan. 2017 to 18 Feb. 2017). It’s republished on The Breeder‘s site.

“For my solo show with The Breeder gallery earlier this year, I decided to ask the writer and poet Dimitra Ioannou to write something which I’m so happy that she agreed to. “Turn me into a country tonight” was printed as part of an edition I made for the show at The Breeder but you can also read the poem here.”

• The visual poem Every Present Until Time Changes is A List of Questions was presented at the group show Regarding Nikolaos Kallas at the School of Fine Arts in Athens (Oct. 2016). You can watch it here in Greek.

• The poem Neo/Colonies is published in Tears in the Fence 46, September 2016. The poem in its greek version was exhibited at the group show Whispers at the Contemporary Art Museum of Crete (October 2015-February 2016).


• The poem Autobiographies Might Pass for Silence is published in DATABLEED 3, February 2016.

• The poem Incomplete Syntax is published in the anthology Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis published by Penned in the Margins, and edited by the poet Theodoros Chiotis. For more info, see:

Incomplete Syntax extract

• The poems When a Future is Made to Pass, and Textovore are published in Blackbox Manifold 14, Spring 2015. The journal is edited by Alex Houen and Adam Piette.


• The poems Ml or More and Lupography are published in Litmus III, the haematological issue, July 2015. Litmus publishing is a new press exploring the interaction between poetry and science. The journal is edited by Dorothy Lehane and Elinor Cleghorn. Issue 3’s Guest Editor is Sarah Crewe, and contributing editor David Rees.

• The poem Don’t Make Me Tell You Again That What You Say Will Always Be Heard is published in the print journal a glimpse of, 2014.

• The prose texts On the Banks of the Ilissos and The Athenian Zone, and the poem Anti_bodies are published in the print journal a glimpse of, 2013.

• The poem Geography  is published in the online journal a glimpse of, 2010.

• The poem Parcel is published in the online journal a glimpse of, 2009.

• The experimental novella Soy Sea is published by Futura editions, Athens, 2008. You can read a sample here.

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