Hot Athens started on twitter & facebook on July 6, 2017.

Now that Athens is so hot (metaphorically & literally) I’ d like to start a blog called Hot Athens. It would include international poetry gossip, indigenous vanity, and the humble comments of the many.

Athens is a city of doomed singularities. In other words, you invent me as much as I invent you.

Ιn my hot Athenian blog I would also include frictions between statues & curators, private donors & the mayor, women & anarchists.

I would transcribe talks about poetry as the new geography, art as the new everything, politics as the new tenderness, queer as the new establishment. I would rephrase these in a thousand different ways, and create an amalgam of new athenian folktales.

Hot Athens is a non existent blog about temperature and a city, about nihilism going wild, and the restoration of rot.
To become fungus would be the ultimate fantasy.

They say spells are central to the resistant politics. Hot Athens would be the archive of the most outrageous, incongruous, hedonistic or grotesque spells ever uttered by a city to its residents, visitors, and rulers. By the end of the day, we would all become plagiarists.

9 Oct. 2017

Hot Athens would be a joke, when cold.
But temperatures are journals and journals can be fake,
and I might have been a fake too.
Today Hot Athens underwent a sex change.
Blogs are not bodies but bodies can be reflected on them like laws.


If I wrote Hot Athens everyday, I’d be a very allegorical person.
I’d meet allegorical bodies of all types and sizes, ageing and in the making, unfiltered.
I’d tag their feminist giant snakes, garments & narrow paths.

5 Nov. 2017

And the stars, the black, eccentric stars, said: speak out, or else you’re one of us.

Hot Athens | tag: privacy

12 Nov. 2017

The Surrealists' tarot deck


When Athens was exceedingly Hot, Fragments From a Lover’s Discourse resonated with so many different sensations, truths, delights that we were transported and fulfilled, completely surrounded by language.

Hot Athens | tag: Roland Barthes (b. 12 Nov. 1915)

Όταν η Αθήνα ήταν υπέρμετρα Καυτή, οι τόσο διαφορετικές αισθήσεις, αλήθειες, απολαύσεις που αντηχούσαν τα Αποσπάσματα του Ερωτικού Λόγου μας καταγοήτευαν και ικανοποιούσαν ενώ μας περικύκλωνε από παντού η γλώσσα.

Hot Athens | ετικέτα: Roland Barthes (γ. 12 Νοεμ. 1015)