D.I. (Dimitra Ioannou) is the author the author of the experimental novella Soya Sea (Futura, 2008, Athens), and the curator of the literary and art platform “a glimpse of.” She experiments with new narrative or anti-narrative forms in various medias (language, photography, publications).


She writes poetry mainly in english. She had poems published in the online and print journals DATABLEEDTears in the Fence, LitmusBlackbox Manifold, and the anthology Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis (Penned in the Margins, 2015). Some of her poems were exhibited in group shows in Greece.

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She have begun photographing “micro-landscapes,” and in her recent work she incorporates lines in her photography.

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In 2009 she created aglimpseof as an experimental platform that activates hybrid narratives with text, sound, and visual works. She chooses the materials and the channels used in the applications of this idea.

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Contact: dimitra at


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