Dimitra Ioannou experiments with narrative or anti-narrative forms in various media (language, photography, publications). She is the editor of the poetry and art journal A) GLIMPSE) OF), and author of the experimental novella Soy Sea (Futura, Athens). Her radio-play How Poems-Cities (a long poem for two voices; in Greek) was specially commissioned by the Onassis Cultural Centre (2018) for the Radio_OCC series; music written by Stratos Bichakis. She writes poetry in English, or in English and Greek simultaneously. She had poems published in Splinter, MAI: Feminism & Visual Culture, Hotel, ZARF, DATABLEED, Tears in the Fence, Litmus, Blackbox Manifold, and the anthology Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis. She has exhibited her (video)poems, and photos in solo, or group shows in Greece, and translated from English into Greek contemporary poets. She occasionally runs the experimental writing workshops “the text lab,” and gives talks on contemporary poetics. She is based in Athens.

Contact: dimitra at aglimpseof.net

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