Notes on Public Programs & Exercises of Freedom

The Parliament of Bodies was all about different forms of resistance.

Funding support for the Parliament of Bodies was also provided by the Federal Culture Foundation and the Foreign Office.

The art with the best political body welcomed the public.

The public with the distorted political body was eager to learn everything about funding, but the Parliament of Bodies was definitely a space of affect.

The rhetoric of the Parliament of Bodies suggested that we drift in history and learn about Freedom as Market Value, Freedom as Practice of Resistance, Memory Under Construction, Dystopic Geometries, Soundscapes of Detention …

The public witnessed how contemporary institutional art embraced the political archive so as to produce the Common Heart.

The Common Heart dressed with anti-establishment clothes, sat on meta-democratic fake cement rocks, learned ancient greek words, took out Diogene’s lamp, and searched for “an honest language.”

Let’s use “honest language,” the right political terms that make institutions look politically correct, and so very philanthropic & ethical, so very proud of themselves.

Let’s have institutional visions of opposing regimes.

Let’s be political.


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